How to create inner PEACE: 4 Major key tips to do now

Most of the drama in our lives starts with the drama, trauma, and chaos within ourselves. As I think through the messy situations in my life. Sometimes, it was because of a thought, perception, or feeling that I had that felt valid but for whatever reason was skewed by my past experiences, thinking traps, or simply miscommunication. Does this sound familiar? “hand raised” I was there its me!!

Now I know that creating inner peace is the most important thing in my life. It’s not just important for me but also important for the people around me. Having peace within myself benefits my children, future spouse, coworkers, family, and friends. It gives me the space to be myself in all aspects of life unapologetically. Walking around with a chip on your shoulder isn’t fun. Walking around angry and defensive all the time is destructive. How did I come to find inner peace? Here are a few tips I hope help:

  1. Know who you are: Know, understand, and accept who you are. Knowing who you are will help you to understand your strengths, weakness, and areas of opportunity. Once you know and love who you are and are more comfortable in your own solitude. It’s harder for outside factors to disrupt that peace. You become more protective of your energy and space, and this eliminates unnecessary destruction. It’s hard to disrupt energy that is confident and absolute.
  2. Don’t overwork yourself: Know your limits emotionally, spiritually, & physically. In knowing these limits set boundaries with the people around you. Most of all ensure that you don’t surpass your own boundaries also. Protect your time and energy these are the two most precious things you have and are the only things you really have control over. Ultimately we choose where and how we spend our time and where we invest the most energy. Guard this like your life depends on it because it does. Listen to your body when it comes to this. If you need rest do that. A rested body functions properly and makes lucid decisions.
  3. Choose your battles wisely: Sis you are not Captain Marvel lol! You cannot right all wrongs in the world, thats including wrongs directed at you. So pick and choose your battles wisely. Some things you have to let roll off your back. I know this is hard! As a ex wanna be super hero I had to learn everything doesn’t deserve my energy. Everything is not meant for me to fix. Once I understood and accepted that, things changed drastically in my life. Some battles are meant to fight but others are not. If you choose to fight them any way you are bound to come back wounded. Sit down girl you gonna hurt yourself!
  4. Give yourself grace: The source of inner conflict is often because we forget to take the time for forgiveness and acceptance. Practicing self compassion is important when channeling inner peace because if not our inner judge pulls out her gavel. Our judgements, inaccuracies, shortcomings, and flaws take over. That negative energy interrupts the peace and creates darkness and the darkness tends to stay there. Give yourself the space to mess up, to not get it right, to fumble the ball. It’s ok, we are human and thats expected. Try not to be so hard on yourself while course correcting.

Whew Chile!

I hope and pray this has been helpful! Let me know in the comments if there are any other tips or if this has helped in any way. I would love to hear!


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