I’m Baccccckkk!!

My bad yaw….

It’s been a while since you have seen me so my bad it has been an insane and busy couple of months. I released my book “Nah…Self, Let me be great” and also have been working on launching my virtual meditation studio Haven inspired! Im so excited for all of the new fun things happening but also wanted to make sure I check in. Did you miss me???

Nah…Self, Let Me Be Great!

This inspiration and workbook I released on my 35th birthday this year! This book discusses my personal journey with self-doubt. Low self-esteem has been something I have struggled with all of my life and shows up in my life primarily as severe anxiety. In my book, I explore that challenge by discussing real-life situations I have run into and then even have workbook prompts for the reader to explore their own challenges.

I hope and pray this book and my story, in general, help others overcome this ugly thing we call self-doubt. It has impacted my life to the point where I stay in situations longer than I should and or sike my self out of great and wonderful opportunities. No more! I will break the cycle and not pass this along to my kids. I hope you do too!

Haven Inspired: Virtual Meditation Studio

I’m so excited to also announce that in June 2022 I will be launching a virtual meditation classes! I have come a long way with meditation and teaching it is a newfound love for me. I have been using my colleagues as guinea pigs for almost 2 years now lol! I guess it’s time to jump in and give this gift to as many as I can.

Each class has a focused topic. Our classes are broken down into 3 areas. Educate, meditate, & plan. First, we talk through as a group what our needs are based on the class topic. I educate you on how to meditate and the type of meditation we will be using. We do a meditation to help support the topic. I then send you off with a plan to execute until the next class. (Journal prompts, mindfulness action items, meditation goals etc) Just that simple! 

“Meditation has changed my life for the better! I want to share this practice with as many people as I can because meditation creates a space for people to understand themselves and others.”

-Deborah Lynn

Sign up for Class Updates Here!

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Meditation Coach and Owner of Haven Inspired Style. A positive Affirmations T-shirt Line for Women!

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